We offer Cargo Service:


In Mexican territory

We have domestic service coverage for the entire national territory, offering the best solutions for each route of our clients.

Issued 24/7
Comprehensive solutions for intra-Mexico circuit
Dedicated Team
Dairy routes
Services in Airports and Port Precincts. (All units are registered in the CAAT and all our operators have a Unique Badge, guaranteeing a safe and smooth operation in customs).


Import and export operations with border crossing through Nuevo Laredo and Colombia, in the modalities:

Door-to-Door (DTD) Mexico-USA


Storage and Inventory Control in Laredo, Tx.

Transfer Service

Dispatch 24/7



We guarantee a safe and smooth operation in customs

Harmonized Alphanumeric Carrier Code (CAAT)

Código Armonizado Alfanumérico del Transportista

All our units as well as operators are registered in the database of the Harmonized Alphanumeric Code of the Carrier, which allows us to obtain access to tax areas. (Airports, Customs and Port Enclosures). Registered under the number: 1HNL

Unique Identification Badge (GUI))

Gafete único

All our operators have an electronic device issued by the Single Window of Mexican Foreign Trade, this unique identification badge allows access to tax precincts nationwide. (Airports, customs and Port Enclosures).

Standard Carrier Alpha Code

Código Armonizado Alfanumérico del Transportista

We are up to date in the Standard Carrier Alpha Code (SCAC) registry, our identification code is: ELJ0

CANACAR distinctive

Distintivo CANACAR

Being a member of the National Chamber of Freight Transportation has helped us to improve the competitiveness of our service, by giving conferences, workshops and training courses. In 2020, we are awarded the CANACAR Distinctive.
CANACAR member number: ST-1910-7954

Distinctive DOT U.S. Department of Transportation.

Distintivo DOT U.S.

We are registered with the United States Department of Transportation.
Número de Identificación: USDOT 3367343Z

SEMARNAT - Transporte Limpio

Transporte limpio

The result obtained from the evaluation carried out by the Department of Environmental Management of the Transportation Sector, qualifies us withExcellent Environmental Performance, thanks to the measures applied in our fleet.


We are an active member of CTPAT: Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism.

Transporte limpio